How To Access Your Router By Accessing The Settings?

Routers are highly used in order to create a home network. We all know that internet is important and router gives the opportunity to access the fast internet without any issue. However, there are only a few people, who know the way of accessing it. If you also don’t have any idea about how to access router settings, then there is no need to take tension. Further, you can check out the steps involved in the process of accessing the router setting.

Step 1

In the very first step, you are only supposed to open the web browser. You can access any browser, for example, chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2

In the browser address bar, you are required to type of the address of the router. After this, you need to press enter so that you can jump to the router’s page.

Step 3

Now you have to enter the password and username of the router. In case, you haven’t set up the password and user name then first set up these. In order to know about the default user name and password, you can take help from the router’s manual.

Step 4

Check out the setting of the router, and on this page, you will get many options. While different routers display different options in the settings but still there are few common information. You can check out parental control, connected devices, SSID, and general settings.

Step 5

Users can change the wireless network’s name by editing SSID. In this, the connected devices will lose the connection, and they have to reconnect with the new name.

Moving further, you should secure the network and for this, using WPA2 will be the best option. So, this is the simple procedure of accessing the router, and anyone can easily follow it.